Daily Archives: March 1, 2015

Pattern discovery in data mining - Week 3

I've stopped following the lecture videos for the coursera data mining specialisation about halfway through this week. In the videos, Jiawei Han speeds through a dozen or so algorithms for finding patterns in sequence and graph databases. Almost no time is wasted on the merits of specific algorithms or how they would be best implemented. It is much more informative to just read the Wikipedia articles on each algorithm.

Nevertheless, I've just completed this week's quiz. Only one questions required a bit of coding (see my github repository), the rest of the questions only relate to two algorithsm and can be answered by just eyeballing the given example database or graphs.

I will stick around for week 4 of this course, but only to see whether this can get any worse. After a somewhat promising start, this has been the only really disappointing coursera course I've followed so far - It sure seems like a money grab by the University of Illinois. I have to say I'm extremely glad I did not go for the "Signature Track" and pay any money for this uninspired mess.